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Large Genetic Deletion Leads to Autism, but Not Always

Source: Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative

To characterize people who carry deletions in 16p11.2 and 15q13.3, genetic regions linked to autism, two studies published this summer looked in detail at dozens of people with either deletion.

How the Human Brain Gets Its Wrinkles

Source: Discovery News

The reason our brains have that wrinkly, walnut shape may be that the rapid growth of the brain's outer brain -- the gray matter -- is constrained by the white matter, a new study shows.

Study: Physical Fitness Linked to Brain Fitness

Source: U.S. News & World Report

More physically fit children had stronger brain tissue linked to cognition.

Neuroscience: Method Man

Source: Nature

Karl Deisseroth is leaving his mark on brain science one technique at a time.

ADHD May Be Caused By Problems Processing Memories

Source: The Telegraph

Researchers have found that children with ADHD suffered disruptive brainwave patterns in areas of the brain related to memory as they slept.

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